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Why would he say this to me!? 20 points?

I have known this guy for about 5 months now and I have liked him since October (He's 24, I'm 20)... English is not his first language (He's Korean) so sometimes there is a language barrier between us. haha but we learn from each other. ^^ He showed signs of liking me a few months ago, but then he graduated and he seemed a little more serious. We used to sit by each other all the time at church, but then we started sitting away from each other because I brought some friends with me to church. Today, however, I came by myself to church and he sat with me again and was so close to me our arms and legs were pressed together. He leaned over and said, "I'm a touchy person. This doesn't bother you, does it?" and I said it was fine. Then he said, "I just thought you won't like it because you like so-and-so"... (so-and-so is a guy he used to think I liked) Then in the middle of church he would glance over at me and stare in my eyes for a few seconds until I smiled and then he would half smile and look away. After church, he just went and hung out with his guy friends. -_- What does he mean by this?? He's a really flirty guy, and really outgoing, was he just being friendly? He knows I like him LOL Thanks for the help :)

2014-01-27 04:38:58

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