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How to raise money for a flight? Please help!?

READ UNTIL THE END! Alright, so me,my dad, my stepmom, and my best friend want to go to Orlando, Florida. Me and my bestfriend have never been to the ocean, and oh my, we want to go terribly. BUT, me and her want to fly there! We have never flewn any where before, and we thought it would be an awesome experience!! But my dad said we would have to pay for our own tickets, $307 each for a round trip.So he said all we would have to do is raise $614 dollars in 5 months, and we could go. He would pay for the rest of the trip he said. So how could we raise that much in 5 months? I had some ideas, like Babysitting, lemonade stands, etc. But.. Keep in mind that we are only 11.. I know, crazy haha! So how should we raise the money? He also said that if we don't fly that we could drive and we wouldnt have to pay.But we would be driving from kansas! Ok, tips and ideas would be greatly appreciated! Thankyou so much!

2014-01-27 04:39:37

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