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My wisdom tooth extraction site is beginning to hurt again.?

Full story: I had five teeth extracted last Wednesday morning. All four wisdom teeth and tooth 18 (right 2nd molar) were extracted. (Tooth 18 had been destroyed by tooth 17.) I had no complications from the surgery. I just had my quick check back with my dental surgeon to check for infection two days ago. All the sites are healing up nicely except extraction site from tooth 32 (lower right wisdom). I know it is not a dry socket. I used a dental mirror and can see that the site is closed over. There is healing over the extraction opening. However, the gum tissue itself does not seem to be rejoining at the incision marks. The pain had subsided in my jaws by day 3. The pain in all the sites had subsided by day 5 expect for the lower right. It was lessened greatly over the past days and the swelling had subsided. It was still red and slightly slightly swelled. I told my dentist that it still hurt some but could be helped by ibuprofen and benzocaine, so he didn t seem worried. I wasn t either. Starting yesterday, the pain has been slowly getting worse, however. Now it is very tender when I touch the gum wall under the extraction site. The pain is not quelled by ibuprofen and benzocaine does nothing. I have had to take a hydrocodone I had left to sleep last night. I took one tonight, about an hour ago, and it has barely dulled the pain.

2016-10-27 05:38:29

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