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My boyfriend said that if he knew my religious views were different, he would have never tried to come close to me. Does he really love me?

In order to prevent the confusion in the question, I'm going to explain the situation. We belong to the same religion, same caste, same family. However, my views regarding our religion are slightly different from his. Despite belonging to the same family, we're from different creeds. I always knew what his beliefs were and I accepted him for he has always been. In the beginning he told me things like ; he doesn't care about it and he loves me and that's all that matters but now he says that if he knew my views were different he would have never been with me, if I belonged to a different caste he wouldn't be with me. What I feel here is that he loves me only because we've got similarities in terms of religion, caste etc otherwise he wouldn't have done anything out of his way to keep me in his life. He also abuses the people of creed that I belong to. I completely accepted him for he is and I have no issues with him or his creed but he can't be neutral. So I want to know what you guys think about this?

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