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Is it normal to buy a new laptop and the first time you try it, its already have a very slow respond?

I recently bought a laptop HP 14-ac150tu and it already has windows 10 and when the seller in the store try it, it looks fine and normal. But when I try it at home, the respond from the apps kind of slow, in fact that are some apps or software can t opened and if I want to open it, I have to click run on the software so it could be open. Even when I opened 3 apps and 2 folder, its more slower and kind of lag. I have 1 netbook and 2 computers before but never like this. Yes, after few years, the netbook or computers kinda of lag and very slow but I never had this experience before. Is it a normal reaction for a new laptop? Should I came back to the store and make them check it? Or is it a normal reaction? Please answer my questions. It s kinda bugging me. Thankyou😊

2016-11-29 17:56:52

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