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Steering wheel shakes at higher speeds between 55 and 90 mph, wobbles and shakes car when braking at those high speeds, not low speeds?

I have a 2002 Subaru Outback H6-3.0L AWD sedan. The steering wheel shakes at high speeds, worse when you brake. It wobbles the car/shakes it. When on the freeway these things occur: Anywhere between 55 and 90: Flat surface: Shakes while straight mostly. Severity: 3 or 4 out of 10. 10 being it breakes your wrist. I d say a pretty annoying level, it causes my car to shake, my chairs shake as well. Shaking substantially lower while either switching lanes or the road turns, probably at a rating of .5 or .9 out of 10, but, I can slightly hear/feel the vibrating towards the front. When letting off the gas completely at those speeds: The shaking drops substantially, as much as turning does. I also feel a slight jolt back, severity being about .5 or .8 out of 10, it definitely isn t normal. I will add that also as the shaking does substantially stop, the shaking somewhat transfers to beneath me, I feel as if the shaking is outside beneath me. When I brake, sometimes the shaking goes to a 5 When going downhill, shaking goes down very substantially, rating of .1 out of 10 or almost nothing. When going uphill, shaking is substantially worse, a rating of about 6 or 7. The shaking as far as I can tell, is Cyclic, which I can only definitively tell because when I slow down and brake to 20 s or 30 mph, the shaking rate is matching the speed. When braking from 30 down to 5 10 15 mph, with more braking pressure, I feel like the current feeling is being caused by Rotors. Parts that did not fix anything: Both half shafts, left bearing, rack and pinion (2 of them in a row), tire balances (3 or 4), tire rotations same, all 4 new tires. Same problem, except, after the half shafts were put in, a little bit of the shaking went away, that was a long while ago.

2017-01-03 00:52:46

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