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Is Lo Loestrin Fe as awful as all of the reviews say? For acne?

I have tried so many birth control pills! I have side effects on all of them but my worst side effect that I just can't handle is cystic acne. I am 24 years old and have hormonal acne (mostly around my chin, cheeks, mouth). My last pill before going off was yaz (vestura). I had HORRIBLE cystic acne for the first 4 months then it miraculously cleared my face. I know they say stick with it for 4 months. Now my doctor gave me Lo Loestrin fe (Not Loestrin) because it has a low dose of estrogen. I read reviews and I'm terrified to start it because of all the horrible acne reviews. I mean almost every review said that it gave them acne. Im wondering if that was their body getting used to the pill just like mine did on yah and then it cleared up? Did you ever have acne before the pill? And did lo lo make your acne worse? I'm very worried to start it. The main reason I want to go on it is to get my periods back and help with acne. Thanks so much!!

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