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My brother wants me to get rid of my dog. Fair? Or is he being controlling?

My boyfriend wants me to get rid of my dog. Should I? Or is he just being extremely controlling? background. I am currently nine months pregnant. I used to be a dog trainer. I own two dogs and he owned three. One of my dogs is a complete couch potato My other dog is a working Dutch shepherd. Both are non aggressive and very well mannered HOWEVER since I haven't been working my Dutch shepherd as much due to the advance stages of my pregnancy, she has become a little more to handle. She gets bored and just does things that annoy him like constantly bringing us toys to play and whining. He came to me today and told me that because he's made sacrifices that I should as well. Keep in mind i got pregnant because we slept together once after we broke up after a four year relationship. We decided to try to make this work. I quit my job and moved in with him away from my family because that's what he wanted. The only thing I would not budge on was my dogs. He is always annoyed by her being too "needy" is calling me naive and says that I need to think about the big picture and that it is not fair to the dog, our relationship or the baby. I understand it will be harder for a while but I don't see why I should have to get rid of her when she has no aggression and it will just be something more to deal with. She s a wonderful dog that will only be limited for a short period of time. He thinks I'm being selfish. Am I? He got rid of his dogs due to child aggression My bf wants me to get rid of my dog. Fair? Or controlling?

2017-07-30 01:27:17

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