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Is her friend trying to get me to flirt, why?

Since I met this girl she laughs really loud at dumb stuff I say and tries to find any way to talk to me but she can't start a conversation very well. She builds off what I say to other people, has me repeat stuff or laughs loudly and starts talking to me. She can only approach me or start a conversation with her friend next to her. She has playfully teased me by scaring me and giggles with her friend before she does it. Her friend stands next to her to do that stuff and tries to get me to talk to her. She sends me to talk to her and show her stuff and tells her stuff about me. She asks me to the girl down the hall as a joke. Is she trying to encourage me to flirt with her by asking me to chase her down the hall. Why would she ☆ Sent from iOS Dr. Know! 1.1.04

2018-07-07 22:37:52

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