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For people who have done keto diets for a while, does it NOT feel inconvenient at some point?

It's just so strange, this notion of a diet where you "can't" eat a TON of EXTREMELY healthy foods...most fruits (or hardly any of them when doing so), beans, lots of vegetables (if they are higher in carbs or don't have enough fiber to offset), etc. On top of this, you "can't" have most types of alcoholic drinks with your friends, even if you don't even drink excessively when you do. And you "can't" have some of your kid's birthday cake, or your sister's new recipe for this or that, etc. My biggest obstacle in giving it a go (more as an experiment than necessity for a diet change) has been my girlfriend's amazing cooking that I am not going to just not eat because it has carbs in it + definitely have no legitimate response when she says she wouldn't change her perfectly healthy recipes just because of a diet style. So my question to keto folks...I understand perfectly ALLLL the science behind HOW it works, but for as impractical and inconvenient as it seems, do you eventually just get used to that element? Do you have insight on how you personally addressed this?

2018-07-08 02:08:49

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