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I felt disconnected from everything and I couldn t move. What is that?

This is pretty hard to describe, but I ll try my best. I was kinda stressed out, but not terribly, and I was rubbing the side of my face. I started to freeze except for my hands on my face, and that was very rhythmic. My throat started to feel tighter, but not in a panic way. There was a noise that startled me, and I moved, but from there I was frozen. I couldn t talk or really move, except for fidgeting with my lip (I m a very fidgety person, my hands are always moving). My whole body felt tense but at the same time numb. I didn t feel like I was even in my body anymore. Everything felt like it was happening miles away from me. My eyes couldn t focus and everything was blurry (I normally have close to perfect vision). I was able to get out of it after a while by focusing on moving one part of my body at a time, but it took all of my concentration. I haven t talked since then, but I was able to force myself to whisper along to some music. After some research I thought it was dissociation, but I haven t had a traumatic experience before, so I don t know why it would happen, or what triggered it. I also know it wasn t a panic attack, I have anxiety so I ve had my fair share of those. Sorry for the long read, but please help if you can.

2019-04-02 07:59:47

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