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Which kitten should I keep? Which would be better at an adoption center?

My momma kitty, Miss Kitty, had three kittens and they are 9 weeks old now. One is all grey. His name is Mischief. He has bonded with me more than the other cats. He is always trying to get on my lap. Towards other people he is friendly but a little unsure. The second one is mostly grey with only white paws and a white belly. His name is Ableton. He likes me a little less than mischief. He is kinda friendly but more skittish towards other people. The last one is mostly grey with white paws, a white stripe on her belly that goes up to her chin, and a white tip on her tail. Her name is Nala. She is friendly when she is sleepy but is mostly skittish towards everything. She is the runt and she doesn't have much of a personality yet. I am worried about giving Nala up for adoption because she doesn't have a personality yet so whoever adopts her, if they even want to adopt her because she is so skittish, might not have an agreeable personality with her when she develops one. She is also the cutest and I am scared some little girl will want her and torture her like I have seen my nieces and nephews do to their kittens. I don't want to give Mischief up because he has bonded with me. He is my thick, purry, lap kitty. Ableton is the one I am giving up for sure because his personality is so neutral. Friendly and skittish. But my step dad is the one who named him and my stepdad is leaving so keeping him might be nice to remember him by. Who should stay and who should go? I am at a dead end. I love them all. Who would do best in an adoption center and getting adopted?

2012-11-18 20:17:35

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