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Bambi 1942 Death flaw Possible Spoiler.?

I just watched bambi again, And now after seeing it even though its a great movie a couple of things struck me. 1 there is no way the hunters would have made that shot, bambi and his mother would have been long gone by the guy could have gotten the 2nd or 3rd shot off, Also lets say they were in a tree stand to account for that visibility,, not only would the hunters have to aim quite high above the mothers head to count bullet drop but they would also have to aim way in front of the deer to account for the speed that the deer would be running. In my opinion even though it is a fantastic movie, But in saying that a better death plot would have been The mother dying from lack of food during the winter or dying from walking in front of a car at night and the headlights " Paralysing" the deer not to move and the truck hitting it. Thoughts?

2013-03-15 09:54:32

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