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Taking lortab for first time. Side effects?

After getting my wisdom teeth out today, I just waited from the anethstesia to wear off before taking prescription strength ibuprofen for the pain. Fast forward to when that dose started wearing off, I took half a pill of lortab and another dose of ibuprofen. Before the Meds kicked in I was a bit drowsy, but suddenly I am wide awake again. I am wondering if lortab, or the combination of lortab and ibuprofen, have the side effect of keeping a person awake. I've always heard that hypercondones (sp?) for the most part knock a person out so I'm wondering what the heck is going on. Also as my first time on lortab, I suddenly have become really sad almost to the point where I would call it depression, after taking lortab. It was only half a pill and I'm usually a very happy and cheerful person, so I'm wondering if that is a side effect too because all of the sudden I am tearing up and crying without any pretense. Lastly, does any of the above also effect inhibitions typically? I'm a shy conservative person, but suddenly I've become very talkative and if someone asks me a question I blab out the answer without thinking. Perhaps impaired judgement?

2012-12-05 09:13:46

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