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What movie is this, need help figuring it out?

It was an old movie. probably 80's or 90's, i think 90's. it may have been disney (or not), it was like a kid's/family film. It was about some boy i think 10-13 or something, and he's in some fantasy world. In the fantasy world there's some evil queen/ruler and she gives the boy like 100 wishes to use as he wants. during the climax he's trying to defeat the queen/ruler that gave him all of those wishes. To reach her, the boy was climbing up a cliff by wish for a rock to poke out of the cliff side one by one (stupid i know). anyways he manages to reach the top and get to her and then "defeats" her with his last wish by wishing the she was his friend or something stupid like that.

2012-12-05 09:19:37

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