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I Think I Messed Up... How to Fix Things?

There is this guy who I am really interested in and who has started texting me lately. But I'm a really shy person (and I'm not very funny), and have no idea how to have a good conversation with him. He's so social, so when he's leading the conversation, it always goes really well... but if I start the conversation and lead it... I kind of bore him. Before I thought it was okay, because he seems to at least be interested in getting to know me, and would still chat with me... But then today he told me about an hour ago that he needed to go because he was tired, and then I logged into facebook and saw the he is still commenting all over people's stuff there (I didn't log on to look at what he was doing, I just saw it pop up in my feed while I was replying to messages). I know that it's not the end of the world, but I do feel a little slighted and like I need to learn how to be more engaging in conversation for fear that he'll lose complete interest in talking with me in general. Please, any suggestions will help. Also, know that we are both seniors in college and have been chatting for the past two or three weeks (with a lot of in-depth conversations about life, our families, goals, etc.).

2013-03-20 05:24:16

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