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Could you use an earring as a lip stud for a 'Dahlia' peircing.?

So, in a few weeks I'm getting a Dahlia peircing (A lip peircing that goes at the corner of your mouth.) and I'll have to order a particular stud and it will take a while to come back in stock. However I could easily get the same thing in earring form instead. If I wait for my peircing to heal for an appropriate amount of time and make sure I have no alergies and such to any metals or whatever, could I use an earring instead of a stud? I'm getting the peircing done prefessionally, so I don't really want any replies saying to not get the peircing or anything silly. If I can use an earring as a subsitute to a stud, but I'd have to make any modifications to the earring, please do include what needs to be changed.

2012-09-25 22:44:16

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