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Computer Programming USAF Bases, Work Life, Deployments?

Hi I am in the Air Force already as an Aircraft maintainer. I came in under a general degree with a 94 ASVAB score. At the time I had no idea that computer programming even existed as a job as my recruiter was horrible. Anyway I am either getting out or retraining, and my retraining window is coming up soon. I wanted to get some inside advice from someone who has this job or had it in the past. Are there good bases?(looking for overseas or California basically.) What is the work life like? Is it worth anything once you get out? I've heard that deployments don't happen much if at all for programmers, but I heard that about my current job. (lies and slander) This is a big issue, mainly because I don't think my relationship can take the hit of another deployment. I would appreciate any and all feedback. Thanks!

2012-09-25 22:43:11

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