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7 weeks pregnant. seen heartbeat but heavy bleeding with clots?

I began bleeding on sunday with little to no brown blood. I had a scan and it showed i was 6w 5days and was booked in with the EPAU for another scan on tuesday. I went to that scan and they said I was 7w 1day so I was 1 day further than I was sunday. they said they could not explain the bleeding because in both scans they could see a normal heartbeat and i saw it to. I had a m/c last month so my records suggest i got pregnant 1 day after a m/c in august. I got home from my scan on tueday and red blood started to shoot out of me. I had a clot and when i checked it, it had no baby inside just tiny clots. today I had a clot the size of a 50p coin about 1cm big i do not know if it was the baby. I have a scan tomorrow to see if everything is ok. has anyone else saw a hb then m/c or had heavy bleeding and clotting and the baby was ok? this would b my 4th m/c (3rd in a row). i also have a 2yr old daughter so i can carry children...

2012-09-27 16:24:34

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