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Uneven skin tone? Can I solve it with Nivea For Men Whitening?

Hi. Well quick facts about myself. I am a healthy guy and i exercise regularly etc. Thing is I get really minor sun just a few quick dashes and I find that eventhough my face tone has improved a little bit (a lot worse back then) probably due to my healthy diet and exercise. But still it looks a bit uneven than my body and its quite obvious. And there's not much face glow My body skin tone is like light caramel but my face is tanned. Now, I am using Cetaphil soap for my face. Question is should I resort to Nivea For Men Skin Whitening Facial Wash or Scrub because i thought its not safe to use whitening stuffs. Or am I just being afraid/paranoid?? P.S. I heard it works

2012-09-27 16:28:25

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