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I really like him. Don't know what to think or do?

We've been talking for 6 months. We met through my bestfriend, they're related. We flirt. He knows I think he's attractive, I know he thinks I'm attractive. We go to different school's but only live about 10 minutes away. A couple weeks ago he sent me a picture saying "keep calm and date a pitcher". He's the pitcher for his school baseball team and he knows I love baseball. I thought that was a big hint. I sent him one a couple days later of this shirt I found saying "the pitcher stole my heart". He replied with "awwwwww" and a blushing smiley face. I feel like we've both made it obvious that we're interested. But as the days go by with no contact I get worried. We used to flirt and snapchat (app where you send pictures back and forth) all the time. I know he has baseball on some days. But on the days he doesn't.. I feel like we could atleast talk for 10 minutes or something. I brought up a a movie we both want to see a couple weeks ago and he said he'd go with me. But then it wasn't brought up again and I got sick anyway. So I might bring it up again later this week. But I don't know if it's bad that there hasn't been any contact (other than us playing a game against eachother on some app)

2013-04-16 21:19:11

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