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I broke my computer, how do I fix it within 3 hours?

i broke my sisters computer and i need to fix it asap. i poured water and coffee on it in a fit of rage and i dont know what to do can someone help me plz. im too young to die and i have a party im going to on friday night and i have to go it will make my poplar. and my sister is 2 years older than me and she can kick my a** with no problem. btw im a girl who's name is ZOY. ZOY. Zoy is my name and im not afraid to show it! hehehehehhehehehehe. sorry about that i just went all hagrid. please tell me wht to do i dont want to be killed my 87 year old sister. name YOZ. YOZ. Yoz is her name and shes not afriad to show it! ehehhehehehehehehehheheheheh sorry about that i just went all dumboldor.

2013-04-16 21:16:35

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