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What did I do wrong.. I dont know what to do, horrible riding instructor?

I was in the field with my pony and my friends, all of us were stroking my pony who I just put in the field. Suddenly the barn owner appears and yells '(my name)LEAVE HER ALONE' and storms off. I was upset.. But, What??? all I was doing was stroking my own pony in her own field :/ she comments on everything I do, when I do everything correctly and humanely to my pony, I treat her with respect and she just always picks on me for everything I do :'( and the next minute, she's telling me how perfect my pony's canter transitions have been that day... I'm terrified of her but I'd prefer if she didn't say anything to me.. She won't leave me alone though :( the barn owner is also the instructor and no one else works there.. She also owns all the stables and land :/

2013-04-16 21:22:52

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