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Guysss? Mixed signals?

This guy that I like SO much.. I told him I liked him, and we text all the time and talk and hangout and stuff... He's like my bet guy friend. We joke around and stuff and I asked him who he liked and he said I can guess.. So I said why color hair does she have? And w says one of the colors.. He does stuff like that. Well back when I first started liking him I would glance at him often during our lunch period. I wouldn't say stare but..Lol.. We have seventh period together and he wouldn't stop daring at me even when I looked at him. And I would whisper stop and he keep staring. He wasn't like smirking or anything either. He was serious. And then we were walking to the pick up loop thing at our school.. My bestfriend took a pic of him and he wanted to delete it so he took her phone and deleted after her fighting him for it he finally gave it back. Then she SLAPPED him across the far and he laughed. Then he came really close to my face and said "you wanna kiss it and make it better?" And winked at me and smiled. I almost died. Like he's literally one Of the best looking guys I've ever met. And I can't stand it. So what do you think? Do you think he likes me? Why does e do this to me!!?!

2013-04-16 21:21:19

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