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Period help???????????

Okay, i'm 11.. and i just had my period, yesterday. i was so happy it didn't leak through my pants. (no panty liner, wearing light grey!) i packed a little stiff, since i already had some stuff at school, i didn't pack.. as much.. i grabbed a dollar store crate like thing, probably the size of your face, and stuffed it with; advil, 4 pads, 2 nighttime 2 normal (nighttime is for gym). But i noticed since yesterday my period was a small bit heavy, it got VERY, i started keeping track of how long it was gonna be, but its thin, the only way i get the blood on this pad is if i have an itch, (i have to rub the pad it i get an itch, because i refuse to touch any blood..) i'm still scared, but since i have a small 5 year old sister, i cant talk about it too much.. any help/warnings. its before school and i'm wearing a nighttime pad.. so yeah.. help

2013-04-26 13:45:39

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