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I need help!!!

I was in a relationship for seven years.My ex was loving and caring.But he held a job only for one years out of nine years.He is 31.Stays with his parents.I was frustrated.I started liking someone else.I told this to my ex.He got mad.He commanded me to stop mingling with this guy.I denied.He slit his wrist.He told my family and friends.I broke up finally.I started dating thsi new guy.recently,my ex hacked my account and forwarded the chats between me and the new guy to all my friends and family.They hate me now.I am all alone.This new guy,he is also not ready to commit.I am missing my ex too much.But there is no improvement in his unmemployed situation though.will it be advisable to go back to him?

2013-04-26 13:55:13

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