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My partner of three years never ...?

He never pays me attention or needs me, we're in a long distance relationship and have recently saw each other, maybe three weeks ago, this has been happening just this year and we've had a few Arguments regarding communication because of course it's hard, but I'm trying to figure it out and I've come to the conclusion he needs me during the week when his working for support someone to tell his day too, talk to, most of the time his really busy and goes to sleep early Then come the weekends HE DOESN'T NEED ME, and I realise because his got his friends it's the weekend he doesn't feel the need to talk to me, he will ignore me for days and plays mind games like 'well you could have text me' his right I could have I used to until I got no replies at all, now I don't because I don't go out, I don't get drunk and it seems that he just goes out and gets smashed we're in our early 20's I just want to know if someone has had similar experiences or a guys point of view as to why he ignores me. He once told me his purposely ignores me cause he just wants to have a good night, you shouldn't do that to someone you love should you?

2013-04-26 13:55:24

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