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Well on Monday I told my mum that i still loved my bf but i was not in love with him anymore, but the only reason i said that was because i was a little hurt and a little depressed because he went on fb and complimented this other girl saying she was too doggone beautiful to be single. I guess he meant nothing by it. But he never says anything like that about me. And also the summer of 2012 he hurt me kind of bad. He was always busy never had time to hang out with me or talk to me on the phone. He always honestly seemed cranky. and he almost always seemed to be irritated when i called.Plus He hurt me this past christmas 2012 and on New Years Eve. On christmas i had gone to his house to spend christmas with him, i expected it to be a glorious day. Fun and full of life but i sat there and basically was ignored while he had sat there fiddling with his stupid ipod and he had gone to his neighbors house and left me sitting for a few minutes. Then on New Years Eve i called him and he sounded nonchalant on the phone when i asked him to hang out with me for New Years Eve. He said he would then called back later and after I got all excited said he wouldnt be coming. After me leaving a couple angry messages on his phone that i was tired of feeling let down by him.And although he seem to be coming arond and seems to be acting better than he used to. it's just not the same as when we dated our very first year. Our first year together was a dream come true.....Then all seemed to go downhill after we got engaged. We still hung out and had fun but he had began doing dumb childish things like farting and then laughing about it and trying to moon people and making silly dumb jokes about my mom and me. Now it is even worse. He's doing those childish things even more. I do still love him, and want to be with him. i don't wanna break up, i wanna see if we can bring that sweet beautiful magic back to our relationship. When I said i was not in love with him but i still love him i meant that the lovey dovey mushy happy feeling wasn't there more. Most of that honestly has been burned away by the pain and hurt he caused me. PLEASE HELP???

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