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My boyfriend lost a bet , you decide what he has to wear.?

1hair A Long straight wig B long curly wig C short curly wig 2makeup A a lot B normal C a little 3 top A regular shirt B shoulder shirt C blouse D tank top 4 pants A hotpants B skinny jeans C tight leather pants 5 shoes A Ballerinas B pumps C boots D sneakers 6 legs A wax B don't wax 7 Nails A nail polish B manicure C both 8 Ears (he agreed to the contract, so he is OK with it) A Pierce them B Double pierce them C Don't pierce them 9 The piercing A Pierce them yourself with piercing gun kit B Get them pierced at claire's 10 earrings A Pearl studs B Diamond Studs C Black studs D Metal studs E Large silver hoops F Danglers

2013-04-28 01:05:20

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