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longboard deck, wheels, and trucks?

im just starting out with long boarding, but im having a hard time deciding the board i want, price isnt really a problem for me, but i would prefer to spend less than 200$ on a deck. Im using my little vintage portable sizzler rite now for more cruising and carving, i've used long boards before but im deciding to get my own, i want a board thats good at carving but equally good for sliding because i want to learn to slide. i like the origonal pin tail, but is it good for sliding, could i make it better with 83a - 86a and above make it better? i aslo have pretty hilly neighbor hoods in my town, so i was also thinking of a board lower to the ground with less flex, and more concave for grip. I'll prob get a better board for sliding once i get better at it. So for now i want a deck, wheels and trucks and bearings. As much information as u can give me, and brands, thanks. and just in case this helps im 5 foot 6 inches and weigh 120lbs

2013-04-28 01:01:45

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