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which girl should i choose? please help?

so,i used to fancy this girl called beth like crazy and i never thought she liked me back, this went on for about 7 months untill i met another girl, katie, weve been going out for almost 5 months. then last night i was in town drinking with beth and she told me that shes liked me since we met pretty much, and that she couldnt say i love you to this other guy because of me. and i was really drunk and we made out for quite a while, and i went to hers and stopped over, just to clarify we didnt do anything apart from make out at hers and we just talked and stuff. and now im sat at home thinking whick one i want because now all the feelings for beth have come back, i think i want to break it off with katie but shes too clingy, she allways said her life would be worthless without me and if we wernt together she would kill herself, and shes got a history of self harm and attempted suicide. so i cant break it off with her without her killing herself. and no one answer saying she needs professional help because shes tried that and it wont work i promise. im not a cheater but i think i know that this relationship is dying anyway. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP! best answer 10pts

2013-04-28 01:05:21

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