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What kind of cello should I get? And other general cello buying Q's.?

I've been looking at getting a cello for about two years. I've played guitar and saxophone and I am proficient in both and wanting to learn to play cello is a life dream. The thing is, is that I'm only fifteen I don't have the funds to buy one and keep asking my parents but they have to pay for my brother's tuition to go to University. I want one for a lower price but not cheaply made. If that combination is possible could you send me a website link to the product? I know there are multiple kinds of cello but the one I'm looking for is the kind the Yo-Yo-Ma plays, not the exact same model just size. What other accessories should I get too? Thank you for your contributions and I'm looking forward to getting this information!

2013-05-02 03:36:48

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