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Girls, Why don't you like unattractive people?

Well, the common question of why don't girls ever want to date me.. realistically scaling myself from 1 to 10 of attractiveness i'm about a 4. I put others before myself. I collapsed from depression last year so i'm always able to help people with there sadness, I put others before myself, I stand for whats right, i'm NOT a douche bag. I never say mean things or get angry, im clean, as kind as i can be to everyone. even the mean people. i'm not weird or anything i have common sense, I always walk in with confidence. Im fairly athletic, i proved that i could beat one of those super athletic people really fast in wrestling. Why is it exactingly that no girls show any sign of wanting to go out with me or any of that? The girl i even asked out al little while ago (very pretty) had the same hobbies as me. And please don't just say "you will find someone some day"

2013-05-02 03:42:41

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