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Ok so I'm 18 years old, male and about 6 foot 1 I am not fat or anything but I am trying to lose just a little bit of weight and hopefully gain some muscle so I don't look like some beampole Ok I wake up and take 5 vitamins, 1 is a centrum a to z-inc another is a multivitamin antioxidant and then the other 2 are for my skin, I drink about 1litre of water with breakfast, and breakfast is usually 2 weetbix and a little bit of milk I do half an hour of exercise about 1 hour after breakfast Lunch - I have 2 eggs with some ham in it and I also add a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil just because I read its really good for health benefits, whisk it all together and put in the microwave so its like an omlet, and I have a small tin of smoked or in olive oil tuna, and another litre or 2 of water Dinner I usually have vegetables with a piece of grilled salmon or steak or chicken or whatever and again with 1-2litres of water Do I need to be doing anything different?? Thanks for your advice :)

2013-05-02 03:42:56

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