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Really want a snake? Help!?

I know what kind I want just can't find it. I really want to get a baby Taiwan Beauty Snake, but none of the pet stores around here have any and I don't know if there are any breeders, or at lest I have not found any. I am whiling to pay for shipping. I may not be able to get one right away, but does anyone know of breeders that will ship to Canada and breeds Taiwan Beauty Snakes or can you help me find one? Do you know anything about Taiwan Beauty Snakes, if so maybe tell me a bit because I am not sure I know everything I should. I do have snakes so its nothing new to me. I have a corn snake and a Mexican Black king snake right now, but I really want a Taiwan Beauty Snake also. The King Snake is really my brothers, but I take care of it. Any ways please help I really really really want a Taiwan Beauty Snake.

2013-05-02 03:46:46

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