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Why is he behaving like dis...???:'(?

I am in a relationship from two years...we both love each other a lot..we get into a lot of arguements but cant stay without each other so sort out each time...recently everything was going well...but from oast three days he is behaving diffrent...yelling at me at almost no reason..and insulting i went market and just infromed him didnt call him to meet in rush thinking that he mudt be tired after coming from job...but he started yelling at me and said that from today he wont ever meet me...and now he is talkin very also he said i am going to sleep and went offline...but still i am talking to him very nicely. What you think the reason must be...??? Is he no more interested in me...??? O he iloves sum1 else..?? I am really worried and hurt...please help me if you can make out something.

2013-05-10 21:42:34

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