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Bad acne, bad self-esteem?

I'm 14 and a girl, and I have the OILIEST skin ever. It is so disgusting my nose and my cheeks are covered in blackheads ( u cant see the ones on my cheeks but I can feel them). This year, my acne has gotten so bad that I have it on my forehead, chin, cheeks and jawline. I also get them on the side of my nose. Plus, they get REALLY red since I'm so pale. And they take months to go away. The worst ones are the little ones under my skin that I can see coming up. I know that eventually they will turn into the big nasty redones and those r hard to cover with makeup. I went to the dermatologist last year when I didn't even have bad acne, and they prescribed something called epiduo and said if that doesn't help the only thing that will is birth control for my hormones. My mom was seriously against that tho since she believes that it causes breast cancer. The gel she gave me just made my acne worse since it got really red and peely, almost like it was burnt. I have sensitive skin, so I think It was too much. I need something to help my acne, I really hate the way it affects my life. I don't want to go to sleepovers because then I will b seen without concealer on my pimples. I don't like to talk to guys cuz I feel like they r staring at my acne. Right now I'm trying cetaphil as a cleanser, tea tree oil as a spot treatment and witha hazel as a toner , and it doesn't irritate my skin, but it isn't doing anything to help either. Please, anything will help!

2013-05-10 21:42:50

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