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Need help with finding Michael Buble tickets in Dublin?!?

Okay, I'm after two tickets, one for both my parents... their anniversary is late june early july, this will be like there 15th anniversary ,so I figured I'd do something special, and my mum adores Buble; and Dublin is the closet place to us, and I'm hardly rich, so I was hoping someone could help me locate tickets in dublin, Ireland, for late july early august, as then it could be part of my mums birthday present and I could spend more on the tickets, I'd like to get them descent seats close enough to the front that they can see, but not too close so that there ears are still intact...... but not right at the back...... so good tickets, like kinda center, and close enough to the stage they can see, but far enough that they wont have reason to complain about the noise.... I'm willing to pay up to £400, but admittedly that is the very top I'd be happy to pay, so between £200 and £300 would be amazing, as I'm 17 and a student, so yeah.... PLEASE help me out, thanks! :)

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