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Will he contact again? Why not just block?

I have a problem with calling emailing and texting a guy too often. I can't help it. When I don't get an answer I push harder. He is very avoidance. We had an on off relationship for 5 years but not proper boyfriend or girlfriend. I called text and email too often and he said that it turned him off. He hasn't seen me for 7 months however we did chat on phone. Last time he dumped me in Oct and took me back in just 4 hrs. He was supposed to see but stood me up because I texted too much. Then he stood me up the last 2 times in 2 months and I bombarded him with angry texts. I really tested him tolerance. He said "if you go all silly with your texts i just leave you alone for a while". We aren't formally in a committed relationship however he expected fidelity and was really hurt when I had a affair overseas 3 years ago and rubbed it in his face. He was seeing other women but kept me around "because he still liked me". (I didn't know this until he told me last week.) He was seeing someone else (friend with benefit only) for 6 months (I found out later) and never told me even though I asked him to be upfront with me. And even though he was sleeping with her he was still snooping on my FB page and in contact with me. Weird. I also scared him off with baby talk and he said he never wants kids. I told him my bad texting and calling habit is from an abortion I had in 2007 after he asked me out then blew me off. He dumped me mid Feb after i confronted him and we had a big argument. He said that "if I ever contacted him again he would contact the police" to get an order. He called me a stalker. I asked him to block my phone number and email and he said "no" but still threatened to contact police if i did contact. I asked him to block as I have a bad habit. I asked to block so is permanent. I asked him repeatedly to block me as i need to focus on myself and my daughter. I asked for block as super easy to do and he can still keep his own contacts (not have to change number). He has been seeing other women so this should no problem for him. My phone company cannot block me from calling or texting a certain number. I don't understand why he won't block as will permanently cease contact from me, which is what he angrily asked for. I am not a dangerous person and he knows I am harmless.

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