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Was I being rude because I hate the spa ...?

So I'm not very close with my family to be honest my mom is always working(military) my dad is finishing up school and I'm kinda a liner so I don't hang around my little sister(8) and my older brother(17) anyways today my mom was doing my hair(flatting or pressing) anyways before she got the flat iron out I said I wanted no curls she ended up giving me curl and during the process she would just talk about herself and she. She was Also throwing insults to me through. a joke Burned me a couple of times then when my hair was finished I went into my room and started playing games on my phone she just came in and started talking to me about herself again then out of no where she just started asking me annoying questions like who is that boy you like or can I see him and what do you want to be when I grow up (I never answered that yes toon because I'm 13 I have awhile and there's too many choices and I'm retry fickle so I didn't want to choose yet) then she starts lecturing me about how life is if you don't have a good job then she said out of no where the worst sentence ever were going to the spa I've always hated the spa and the hair salons I'm just not that kind of girl so I told her I'm not interested in going into the spa(which already knows because she kept asking me about the spa awhile ago) anyways I'm not very close with my family because I'm the odd one out I listen to heavy metal and country music I wear a lot of differebt stuff I just like it like that plus I'm black which is my parents main problem they think I'm a Oreo (black on the outside white on the inside) anyways it's really annoying because my parents are somewhat racist but I'm not and my siblings aren't racist either which is one of the few things we have in common anyways my parents never really been proud of me they hate the way I dress the music I listen too the guts I dated or like and they never take at least a interest in the things I like for example we could have found a compermise

2013-05-28 10:19:27

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