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The combustion of ammonia, NH3. Produced NO and H2O? ( N:14, H:1, O:16)?

a) Write the balanced equation representing the reaction. b) How many moles of H2O are produced when 2 mol of NH3 is burned? c) How many moles of O2 are required to react completely with 3 mol of NH3? d) How many grams of NO are produced when 16 gram of O2 are used? e) To produce 10,8 gram of water, how many liters of NH3 at STP must be burned? f) How many liters of NO at STP will be produced when 1,8 * 10^23 NH3 molecules are burned? g) How many liters of O2 are required to burn 20 L of NH3?

2013-05-28 10:17:47

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