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Why is this considered bad...?

So, I'm in my late teens now. But I remember that my parents tossed one of my stuffed animals when I was younger... like 8. (which makes me mad because they thought that they could do it without telling me...) It was a pokemon stuffed animal, pichu... I LOVED, it... I'm a Jehovah's Witness. And this family friend... in her 50's. Well, she had told us some things we needed to stop doing before because they were bad... she had good intentions, was always VERY KIND, fairly pushy though... We moved to a different town quite awhile ago... But I realized earlier today that SHE, had told my parents that it was bad, remember her telling my parents that Pokemon was bad once before... Guarantee she told them that after seeing my stuffed animal... Only pokemon thing I had was that one stuffed animal... So, I naturally want to rip her head off. Seriously love all my stuffed animals that much... trying to keep such mad thoughts off my mind... can't stop... Anyways, I don't see what's so bad about pokemon??? I don't see what is wrong with it...? But, anyways... is Pokemon considered bad for Jehovah's Witnneses??? I've heard on the internet that it typically is/ or is a personal thought. Is it bad...? Or is it one of those situations were it's up to your understanding of the bible and conscious??? Thanks :)

2013-05-28 10:24:15

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