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what do these dreams mean? re-occuring horse dream?

Monday I dreamed that I was sitting on my bed watching tv, and looked over in the corner and there was a black horse just standing there, watching me with very very very angry bright white eyes, Yesterday i dreamt that I... erm... made love to a satyr, then he leapt from the window and my bedroom caught on fire, i looked outside and there was the horse again, standing there, looking up at me, The horse has been in several other dreams (usually involving fire or drowning) and always looks so angry... and scary... im really thinking this horse is trying to tell me something! Sometimes he talks to me but its always distorted, so far ive managed to understand "dont... the glare.... once when i was... (and my personal favorite) will take down grain street. What is this meaning?

2013-05-28 10:25:21

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