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He has a gf but does he like me or no...?

So i recently became in contact with a guy i used to be friends with 5 years ago. for the past 3 months we have hung out maybe 9 times.. he always tries to play fight with me (hes kind of immature..) and whenever i talk about a guy he seems to get jealous. Like he will say "how about we invite so and so and this person, but not him.) type thing and hes never met the person i talked about or a couple of the other people he said could come yet he doesnt want that one guy there? its just weird.. but also when we hang out he talks about his girlfriend he will say good things but also bad things too like that she can be a bi*ch etc.. but he talks about her constantly they have been together for 2 years long distance... he texts me once every couple days to see what im doing and things. but i cant tell if its just that im a friend to him or if he wishes there was more? because i sure do.. but i wouldnt do anything to try and destroy his relationship or our friendship...

2013-05-28 10:38:23

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