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Will the doctor see my scars and ask questions? Help Please?

This summer I have to go to the doctors for a yearly checkup. I have self- harmed before and my parents know about it and they were so supportive, kind, and loving. I have five very noticeable scars on the top of my left arm that were deep cuts and the scars don't look terrible but let's just say if you saw them you would be like "she cut herself" I also have scars on the bottom of my wrist but im not worried about those. My question is If the doctor sees the scars on my arm will she ask questions? It is a really difficult topic for me to talk about I am scared just thinking about it but the fact is my mom didn't want me on medicines so I never got sent to therapy, or any treatment. I still battle "should I cut?" every day and I have relapsed a few times. What will happen?

2013-06-03 02:28:26

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