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The girl I like is moving across the country, what can/should I do?

*This might be a long question so please bear with me, I really need advice on this. Thank you So about 7 years ago I met this girl in 3rd grade who turned out to really like me, at the time I didnt really know her and sorta liked a different girl. The next year, 4th grade, the girl i liked moved away and I never heard from her again, and from then on I've always liked the girl who liked me before who would always call me cute and hug me, but being the little boy I was back then I had no idea if she liked me or not and was too scared to ask. This continued through the 5th grade also. The next three years, Grades 6,7, and 8, I never heard from her either because she had moved schools so I never really thought of her, and never really liked anyone else either. This year, grade 9, we have met again and have stayed as good friends. A month or so ago we were walking afterschool with another one of my friends and somehow the conversation came to who she liked before. She said in elementary school she used to really like me and said she was obsessed with me, she even said she loved me then. At that moment I had a billion of things going through my mind, questions like "Does she still like me?" "Should I tell her I still like her?" and etc. ran though my head. She then said how the years without me were weird and she never really liked anyone else. I never told her I like her, but not sure if I should. Today she told me shes moving across the country to live with her dad, im not sure if this is permanent or not, i didnt ask her anything else, because my heart dropped the instant she told me. Now here are my questions... Should I tell her I like her? Is there a chance she still likes me or a way I could fine out if she does? Should I just forget about it, move on and wish her well? Also, if I do confess my love to her, what should I do? Thanks you for helping me out and for giving me some of your time. I really apreciate it. Thanks.

2013-06-03 02:27:58

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