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Health Issuess? Can someone please give advice.?

I am 14 and I don't do any drugs or smoke anything. I am VERY forgetful!!!! I will put my phone down and be looking crazy for it everywhere because I can't remember where I put it. This happens everyday. Not only with my phone but other things. Sometimes when I read I start on the first line and my eyes will skip to the next line. It almost looks like the page is moving. When people ask me what time it is I will say 9:39 when it is really 1:20. I read the clock as 1:20 but I say 9:39. In school we use a bubble sheet. I get the right answer but always bubble in the wrong bubble. When I chew its like my throat/tongue gets tired. It's not soar it just hurts ONLY when I am chewing. There's a history of Thyroid Cancer in my family. Is it thyroid cancer? Does anyone know what this can be? What's wrong with me? I am very concerned. If you have any links with answers please post them in your answer

2013-06-03 02:23:39

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