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I feel like ive never did the "normal" teenager things..?

Im turning 18 in 2 weeks..and it just hit me that I never did the normal teengage things.Like be with friends,go to parties,be in realtionships..ive never had that.These past 2 years,i have been lonely,alone..not going to any parties (not really that interested but whatever)..not hanging out with people.nothing! All I have experienced is my mom b*tching to me,complaining about everything and anything and blame it on me..and well I have just been one fcking big loner..Its kind of funny really,but im not surprised that I have been depressed for a while.On top of that,i cant even get hired by a job..hopefully when im 18 it will be mom b*tches about how I dont have a job,when im trying to do my best at getting one..but whatever..but yeah,im not going to college anytime soon but I do plan on going to Beauty school and becoming a hairdresser..but looking back,all ive ever done was trying to make things better,hide the fact to myself that I havent enjoyed life or was ever really fcking happy...heck ive never even been in love,but thats just a differnt story...but is this normal?:/

2013-06-03 02:28:58

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