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Why did he block me ? (DO NOT GIVE LECTURES)?

I asked my crush(he has a girlfriend who he loves and he ''hates me'' ) would he be happy if I kill myself.We were arguing before I told him. The I know...I'm stupid and dumb. I always make stupid mistakes like that.I'm not getting into the reasons why I hate myself and please, DO NOT lecture me why I shouldn't.I'll give it another year. And yeah, I know people have it a lot worst but I'm not as strong as them.Anyways he said ''No, don't do that.I don't want you to die.'' I was actually kind of surprised he didn't want me to die. But anyways, I just found out he blocked me on KIK. I'm so confused...why did he block me? Did he think I was lying or looking for attention? I wasn't... I was just mad,sad,stressed all at once.And I did mean it. Did he block me because he didn't want to hear my suicidal thoughts?or did he feel like it was his fault(WHICH IT WASN'T...IT'S MY LIFE THAT MAKES ME WANT. HE DOESNT MAKE ME FEEL BETTER BUT HIM NOT LOVING ME BACK IS NOT A REASON FOR ME TO KILL MYSELF).

2013-06-03 02:39:38

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