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How is smile.jpg scary?

Okay, I'm a total scared cat. I won't watch a scary movie because I'm too scared. In fact I've seen the very beginning of the eye and ran away. But then I accidentally came across smil.jpg(the red one) and I honestly expected it to be scarier. I read the story about that woman who killed herself, and nothing happened to me. I even forgot about how it looks like the second I stopped staring at it. It's creepy, not scary. I see people who are older than me who have seen scary things get disturbed by this stupid dog. I actually saw a scarier picture in my SCHOOL LIBRARY BOOK. I am not even joking, I actually did see something scarier in my library book! But yeah about the dog, it's red, it's eyes are sorta glowing, it has a demon smile, like something you'd see in a cartoon beast, and it has hair for some reason. Idk but why is it scary. Oh and if you get scarred for life after seeing that dumb husky, don't look it up.

2013-06-08 21:20:51

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